Cal-Neva funds student travel to Western Division Student Colloquium

The students of both the Sacramento-Davis and Santa Cruz subunits of AFS want to express our gratitude to the California-Nevada chapter for funding our travel to the AFS Western Division Student Colloquium! With the grant provided by the chapter, we were able to rent a van and carpool together to the Menucha Conference Center on the Columbia River Gorge.

The colloquium ran from the 15th to the 18th of November, and students from across the western United States came to participate. It provided a unique opportunity for students to network and learn from their peers in a friendly environment. On the 16th we were able to participate in an infographics workshop taught by Su Kim, a visual information specialist with NOAA. This hands on workshop helped students create informative and engaging graphics in order to easily spread their scientific message. We have a talented group of science communicators within the Cal-Neva Chapter!

The 17th opened with 20-minute talks from students on their research areas. Students in the Western Division presented their research on everything from polar fish communities in northern Alaska to Lamprey parasitism of Redband Trout in Klamath Lake. Arthur Barros from the Sacramento-Davis subunit presented on the community structure of novel tidal marshes in the San Francisco Estuary. The presentations were great practice for budding scientists to work on their presentation skills, and how to convey their research in front of an audience.

We’d also like to thank Britta Baechler, the student representative for the Western Division AFS, and an amazing PhD student studying microplastic presence in the clams and oysters of the Pacific Northwest. Her tireless work organizing and preparing the colloquium really showed through, and the colloquium was a success because of her!

Thanks again to the members and executive committee of the California-Nevada Chapter of the American Fisheries Society for helping to fund both the Western Division Student Colloquium and the travel of Cal-Neva students to Oregon! We wouldn’t have been able to do it without your generous support!

Arthur Barros

AFS Sac Davis Sub-Unit President