Continuing Education and Training

Upcoming workshops

Delta Smelt Culture Program: from Experiments to Reinforcement

Thu, May 18, 2017; 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM PDT

Veterans Memorial Center, 203 East 14th Street, NPR Room, Davis, CA 95616

As part of the Delta Smelt Resiliency Strategy, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) is coordinating a multi-agency effort to examine if and how hatchery propagated Delta smelt could be utilized to aide in species recovery. Towards this goal DWR, DFW, USFWS, USBR and the American Fisheries Society CAL-NEVA Chapter have organized a workshop to bring agency experts, other technical experts, stakeholders, and other interested parties together to get an update on the status of wild Delta smelt, advances in Delta smelt propagation, the potential uses for hatchery Delta smelt, and to consider future management and monitoring issues. Outside experts from other successful recovery programs will provide their insights, guidance, and lessons learned to inform the discussion on the important next steps for the possible use of captive Delta smelt. Download the event brochure.

Registration Fee: $20 (for refreshments and lunch)  Register at EventBrite!


Summer 2017 Sustainability Course from UC Davis Extension: Online! LEED Building Certification

Aug. 16-Oct. 10, 2017   Registration Fee: $650. Enroll in section 171SEG108. Special discount: Group Discount, Info Session, BIA and CAAA. To enroll or for more information and a full list of what is offered, visit UC Davis Extension at or call (800) 752-0881.


More workshop dates coming soon…


Member Continuing Education

The American Fisheries Society has a long and reputable history of promoting and enhancing the technical, professional, and administrative knowledge and skills of its members. In this spirit, the Cal-Neva AFS Continuing Education program is committed to the development of meaningful and timely continuing education opportunities that facilitate the collaboration and further development of our chapter members.

The Cal-Neva AFS Continuing Education program is designed for students and professionals who seek to enhance and broaden their knowledge and skills necessary to meet the demands of fisheries management. Courses cover the scientific, technical, regulatory, and public policy knowledge related to fisheries management and environmental decision making. The program aims to provide the necessary courses to analyze, assess, and manage a wide variety of fisheries issues from general topics to specific applications.

In order to accomplish this goal, chapter members are encouraged to get involved. Please contact the Continuing Education Chair, Norm Ponferrada ( with your course ideas and together we can create a successful and thriving program.