President’s Message, 4/3/21

Prez message 4/3/21

Hello Cal-Neva folks,

I have for a long time wanted to try out what it is like having a ponytail. The pandemic has given me the opportunity to find out. The connection to my barber has been broken by the pandemic as well. I’ve decided the ponytail doesn’t look as cool as I thought it would—I think I waited too long to try this and should have done it years ago when my hair was ”thicker”, so I’m not sure how much longer I will be ponytail-capable. I hope that the pandemic has given you opportunity to experience new and different things. Things that you value and that are worthwhile. I think our recently held annual meeting in the virtual world can fit that description.

I am grateful for Matt Young and our meeting planning team making this year’s meeting new, different, and worthwhile. Matt especially took on the challenge of learning how to use the online platforms to adapt the standard in-person presentations we customarily do and have them available during the live meeting schedule and also accessible for later viewing. We also utilized a new online venue, Spatial Chat, to hold our poster session, student-mentor event and some social gatherings. This venue gave us the opportunity to mingle not unlike our usual Cal-Neva social events, even though we didn’t have to leave home to mingle. I’m hoping we can explore using this online tool again, perhaps to have an event that we can engage students in our sub-units and at the schools that don’t have a sub-unit. I welcome your ideas for what might be possible for Cal-Neva to explore. Also, our annual Chapter Business Meeting was held during our virtual meeting on March 3. Since the 2020 meeting in Folsom was cancelled we had a lot of Chapter “business” to report. Past President Rob Titus and I covered the activities basically since our big Reno AFS/TWS meeting in 2019 up to our virtual meeting in 2021. If you missed this Business Meeting the minutes and the PowerPoint slides are on our Cal-Neva website under the Communications tab so you can see what Cal-Neva has been doing.

You can continue to engage with AFS meetings this year. One of the positive things about virtual meetings is there are no travel expenses. If you have had difficulty attending Western Division meetings when they are held outside California or Nevada then you have an affordable and easy opportunity to participate in the WDAFS virtual meeting May 10-14. There will be 20+ symposia, 3 Plenaries, an Aquatic Film and Photography Festival, continuing education and other interesting events. I have been rewarded each time I have attended WDAFS meetings by seeing and hearing my colleagues in the other western states, sharing their work. It has been energizing for me to get that exposure and bring ideas back to my own work. This year has the opportunity for joining virtually if the travel has been a limitation for you previously. It is not clear yet but the AFS meeting in Baltimore moved from August to November 6-10, may be in-person and may also have virtual options.

We are planning for an in-person Cal-Neva Annual Meeting in 2022. Details are still being worked on but we are hopeful that we will be together, in-person, next year.

Best wishes to you,

Dave Lentz