Proposed Native Fishes Symposium at AFS/TWS National Meeting in 2019

The California-Nevada Native Fish Committee is organizing a Symposium for the 2019 AFS/TWS meeting in Reno, Nevada. Our current title is “Biology and Conservation of California and Nevada’s Native Fishes” (see the abstract for details). We are hoping to put together a full-day Symposium (14 talks). If response is sufficient we may extend beyond 1 day. We have already recruited Dr. Peter Moyle to kick-off the Symposium with a keynote presentation!

If you are interested in submitting a paper for inclusion in the Symposium, please send a proposed title and list of authors to the Co-chairs (Larry Brown, and Fred Feyrer, ). Note that our intent is to highlight our diversity of native fishes, so if we receive numerous submissions on a particular species, we may have to be selective to provide room for other species. Authors not included in the Symposium will have plenty of opportunity to submit to other Symposia or Contributed papers. Submit early!


Larry and Fred