The mission of Chapters within the American Fisheries Society is to advance Society goals by coordinating member activities related to information exchange, outreach, and aquatic stewardship within their geographic region, including coordinating with appropriate local, provincial, and state-level government and nongovernmental agencies and organizations. Chapters serve member needs in local and provincial/state areas and represent those needs to the Division leadership. The California-Nevada Chapter is one of the largest in AFS with more than 400 members. Get involved!

Incoming President’s Message – Steve Brumbaugh

How many times have we all heard the phrase, “it’s all about your perspective”? It is a pretty simple phrase, yet it’s relevance spans all facets of life. Things can be viewed either as hardship or as a challenge and character builder. A tough climb becomes another downhill slope when you look down from the... Read More

Outgoing President’s Message – Laurie Earley

It was my honor to travel with our incoming President, Steve Brumbaugh, and President-Elect, Rob Titus, to the Jersey Shore representing the California-Nevada Chapter.  The three of us attended the 2018 American Fisheries Society’s 148th Annual Meeting in Atlantic City, NJ.  The Mid-Atlantic chapter welcomed us and made sure attendees enjoyed the beach; from events... Read More