Elections for Executive Officer positions and Vote on Bylaws changes

The Executive Committee is pleased to announce 2023 election results for President-elect and Treasurer for the AFS Cal-Neva Chapter.


PRESIDENT ELECT – Christina Parker

Hi Cal-Neva AFS!

Hello fellow Cal-Neva AFS Members, I’m Christina Parker. I’ve done a lot of meandering to end up in fisheries. As a kid, I was often “lost” in my back yard creek, and later I wandered through a variety of scientific and conservation-oriented jobs until an opportunity presented itself to explore fisheries as a career and I’ve been hooked ever since. I started as a volunteer with Jim Hobbs’ otolith lab at UCD in 2013 and shortly after got my first fisheries position as a Scientific Aide at CDFW Region 3. I transitioned to academic research at UC Davis and became lab manager for what is now the Otolith Geochemistry and Fish Ecology Laboratory deepening my love for the San Francisco Estuary, its tributaries, and native fishes. While continuing to work full time I pursued a master’s through OSU, earning a Master of Natural Resources degree in Fisheries Management. I am now a Senior Environmental Scientist in the role of Statewide Coordinator for Native Fishes on the newly expanded Native Fishes Conservation and Management Program. Through all of this I’ve been a part of Cal-Neva AFS Executive Committee as the Merchandise Chair and filling whatever additional tasks have been needed.

Being a part of the Executive Committee has not only provided me a terrific network of other professionals but has also been an opportunity to learn from and spend time with others outside of work. I’ve helped run eight Cal-Neva annual conferences including one Western Division and one National meeting and I would be honored to apply that experience to future conferences as President. The Executive Committee has been working diligently to provide benefits to members in a constantly shifting environment, especially over the last several years. I think it’s an ideal time to consider how we’re working towards goals of improving conservation and sustainability while looking for innovative ways we can continue to provide information exchange and professional development for our members. I think the Chapter faces the constant challenge of providing for our membership with an all-volunteer team of people when there are other conferences with paid staff providing similar networking opportunities. In the next few years, I would work towards evaluating what we have done in the past that’s been beneficial to members and where we could improve. I’m interested in continuing to work to reach folks who have barriers to attend annual conferences while elevating future generations to join us in this field we have all dedicated our time and passion to.

I am honored to be considered as your next Cal-Neva AFS President.

TREASURER – Tommy Agosta

My name is Tommy Agosta and I am hoping to be considered for Cal-Neva AFS Treasurer. I grew up fishing all over California and fell in love with fish at an early age. I was fortunate to be able to build a career around my passion for California’s fish. I graduated from UC Davis in 2013 with a B.S in Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology. I continued working for UC Davis after graduation for several years. I worked in the Fish Conservation Physiology Lab, Fish Ecology Lab and the Biotelemetry Lab at UC Davis. Currently I am a Senior Environmental Scientist for the California Department of Water Resources working on California fisheries issues and I hope to spend the rest of my career studying these fish that I admire. Early in my career, the Sacramento-Davis AFS student subunit was an excellent outlet to meet friends and network with fisheries professionals. From carp fishing in the arboretum to showing off Putah Creek fish at the AFS picnic day display, the subunit was always an enjoyable experience. The connections I made through my participation in AFS certainly helped me in my fisheries career. Now I would like to do my part and give back to the society that has given so much to me. I look forward to helping the chapter continue to support students and young professionals who aspire to develop a career as fisheries professionals.

Interested in becoming a Cal-Neva Officer? Please contact any officer or Ramona Swenson (Bylaws and Nominations Chair, [email protected]) with questions or future nominations.

All officers receive annual dues and registration to Chapter Meetings, and President-elect/President have expenses paid to attend the national Society meeting. More info about responsibilities can be found here: Officer responsibilities