Elections for Executive Officer positions and Vote on Bylaws changes

Elections in 2019 for President and Treasurer

Let your voice be heard! In 2019 the Chapter will elect two new Executive Officers, to the offices of President and Treasurer. The candidates’ statements are below (posted June 3, 2019).

Electronic voting will open on Monday, June 3, 2019 at 9:00 am PST and will close on Wednesday, July 3, 2019 at 5:00 pm PST.

You may cast your electronic vote at a Survey Monkey link. You will need to be a dues-paid member of AFS and the AFS Cal-Neva Chapter for 2019 in order to cast your vote. We will be sending an email message soon to all dues-paid members that will include voting instructions and a verification code which you will need to enter on the electronic ballot. If you have any questions about this election, or if you have not received the email message and believe that you are eligible to vote, please contact Kathleen Berridge (Secretary) at kberridge@esassoc.com or Ramona Swenson (Nominations and Bylaws Chair) at rswenson@esassoc.com to have your dues-paid membership verified and to receive the verification code.

We are fortunate to have the following candidates. For President: Dave Lentz and Brian Mahardja; For Treasurer: Chris Hogle and Jose Setka. Please read their candidate statements linked below.


Dave Lentz

Hi Cal-Neva folks… While I am a native Californian, I joined AFS many moons ago, when I was an undergrad at Montana State University. I continued to benefit from AFS as a grad student at Utah State in Logan. Giving talks at the Bonneville (now Utah) Chapter really helped me with public speaking and presentations. It doesn’t seem so significant now but winning a Best Student Paper Award at a Chapter annual meeting I’m sure affected me in enduring ways. I moved to Sacramento after grad school and worked for the Water Board and then as a biologist with Fish and Game where I have remained focused on trout management up to the present at the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

During the ‘90s I was fortunate to serve Cal-Neva first as Treasurer and then as Policy and Resolutions Chair. Serving on the Chapter ExCom teaches you and gives you connections to people, both helpful and enjoyable aspects. In the 2000s and ‘10s I have been a committee chair for the Western Division and been the coordinator of the WDAFS List Serve. My involvement with AFS has been rewarding and exposed me to valued fisheries concepts and ideas, useful in my work, and to many skillful people and good leaders. Having just been the President of a 400+ member fly fishing club I saw how an organization that does a lot of things for its members relies on a good team with folks stepping up to make those things happen. Cal-Neva honored our club, CFFU, with a Conservation Achievement Award last year. I see the parallel in Cal-Neva’s ExCom—lots of good people stepping up.

For me, one of the biggest rewards of being in AFS has been the opportunity to participate in Western Division annual meetings and reconnect with fisheries folks I have known from my time living in the Rockies. Each time I go, I return energized with seeing and hearing what my colleagues and peers in the other western states are doing to further the conservation of native trout.

So, if you elect me as President, I would have the opportunity to help the Chapter pursue its 2018-2020 Strategic Plan and perhaps help with crafting or revising the next Plan. The Chapter needs to continue involving our fisheries students and early career members… continue to use our resources to increase opportunity for students and “young professionals” to be engaged with AFS. In the Department I work for there is a wealth of fisheries folks who need AFS exposure. For all our members, quality annual meetings and education opportunities are most important and on these the Chapter does well. I hope you get the rewards and satisfaction from AFS– like I have.

Brian Mahardja

The estuary and rivers I grew up with in Indonesia consisted of mainly untreated wastewater, filled almost to the brim with plastic bags, and did not exactly flow into the ocean like it should. My experience taught me that despite all the environmental challenges we are facing in California and Nevada, we are fortunate in that we still have many species and areas that we can try to protect and conserve. My name is Brian Mahardja, and I am running for AFS California-Nevada Chapter president because I want to help promote the Chapter’s mission of conserving the native fishes of California and Nevada. I’m currently a fish biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, where I work on studies and monitoring that help support the conservation and management of the San Francisco Bay-Delta ecosystem. I have worked in this system for over 10 years in a realm where science meets policy. I have authored fourteen peer-reviewed scientific publications in that time on a variety of topics from population genetics to gear efficiency, and for a variety of species from the annual Delta Smelt to the long-lived White Sturgeon.

I joined AFS because not only does it provide a platform in which fisheries professionals can exchange information and collaborate, it also offers developmental opportunities for many students and early career scientists. I am fortunate to have a job in the field of conservation despite having little to no access to outdoor activities in my youth. I have been serving as the Continuing Education committee chair for Cal-Neva for the past couple of years and it is astounding to see the amount of outreach activities and training opportunities that the Chapter has provided. If elected as president, I plan to not only support Cal-Neva Chapter’s effort to expand our community of fisheries professional, but to also expand it through additional partnership work with various local government agencies and universities.


Chris Hogle

I began my career, like many other great aquanauts and fish-heads, as an undergraduate working for Dr. Peter Moyle and his graduate students at UC Davis. After graduating from UC Davis I went on to study floodplain and bay-delta fisheries with the California Department of Water Resources and some dedicated AFS members. I later found myself at a consulting firm (formerly ENTRIX, now Cardno) working with some other dedicated AFS members restoring rivers (fun!), removing a big dam (super fun!), and relicensing some other dams (ok, less newsworthy but very important). I moved to Reno, Nevada in 2008 where I continued some consulting work but also began graduate work at the University of Nevada, Reno and the Desert Research Institute. After graduating with my M.S. I resumed full time consulting with Cardno where I work today specializing in applied watershed ecology of the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin. When not working you might find me swimming, skiing, hiking, or camping in the mountains with my wife (a veterinarian) and two little girls.

AFS and the good friends I have made through the organization have played a consistent supporting role in my career. I enjoy assisting the organization whenever the need arises. AFS plays a vital role as a support network students and young professionals can use to plot increasingly complex career paths as science and technology rapidly evolve around them. I started my career as an undergraduate in the Davis-Sacramento student sub-unit in 2002. While at UNR I helped develop the student sub-unit there in collaboration with Trout Unlimited. As a sub-unit we attended AFS conferences, educated local children about fish and bugs, assisted with cleaning and restoration of our beloved Truckee River, and even assisted the Forest Service with native trout re-introduction. More recently, I served as a local arrangements coordinator for the exciting and successful 2016 joint Western Division-Cal Neva conference. I am looking forward to once again showcasing my ‘biggest little’ home city of Reno as local arrangements coordinator for the upcoming 2019 National Joint AFS-TWS conference.

Jose Setka

Over the last three decades I have had the privilege of working on a wide range of fisheries and policy issues. My career began working as a technician on a variety of projects including hatcheries in Alaska, shortnose and Lost River suckers in the Klamath Basin, Moapa dace in Nevada, and salmon throughout the Central Valley. For the last 24 years I have worked for East Bay Municipal Utility District. My career here began as a technician, and I am currently the Manager of Fisheries & Wildlife for the District working on a wide range of policy issues regarding water, fisheries, and wildlife.

My involvement in Cal-Neva AFS began as an undergraduate at UC Davis in the early 1990s. While I did not fully recognize at the time, the organization is incredibly important in helping coalesce academia, science, management, and policy. These benefits stay with members throughout their careers regardless of where their path takes them. AFS conferences provide a venue to present results of cutting edge science or long-term monitoring to peers who help manage species and those who use the information to draft policy.

My interest in running for the position of Treasurer for the Cal-Neva AFS Chapter is to help continue to foster the role the organization plays in keeping fisheries science at the forefront and developing the scientist of the future. To accomplish this goal it is critical that the organization maintains a sound financial footing that is capable of withstanding the economic rollercoaster, which unfortunately can impact the livelihoods of our colleagues during government shutdowns. Over the last decade I have managed a multimillion dollar budget that covers research and monitoring in the Mokelumne River, Bay-Delta, and over 50,000 acres of land in the Bay Area and Sierra Nevada foothills. I have also served a term on a charter school board in my community during the recession of the late 2000s. I can honestly say that period of time was one where I worked the hardest I ever had in order to insure that the kids and staff received the resources they needed to continue to thrive. Thankfully the CalNeva Chapter’s financial position is incredibly strong thanks to the efforts of past treasurers and the Executive Committee. If elected I vow to continue to provide the strong commitment to maintaining fiscal stability and bring my years of experience to the Executive Committee. I would be honored to receive your support during the upcoming election for AFS Cal-Neva Chapter Treasurer.