Elections for Executive Officer positions and Vote on Bylaws changes

Seeking Cal-Neva Officer Nominations for 2021 Elections

Are you looking to expand your network, grow personally, develop skills, make a difference for fisheries, and make lasting connections with other passionate professionals and students? Then consider joining the leadership of the AFS Cal-Neva Chapter!

The Executive Committee is pleased to invite nominations for Officers for the AFS Cal-Neva Chapter. Nominations can originate from chapter members as well as self-nominations. This year, we are seeking qualified candidates for President-Elect (3-year term) and Treasurer (2-year term), to serve terms commencing August 2021.

All officers are reimbursed annual dues and registration to Chapter Meetings, and President-elect/President have expenses paid to attend the national Society meeting. More info about responsibilities can be found here: Officer responsibilities.

Nominations and candidate statements are due January 20, 2021. Election will be held by electronic ballot and results announced at the Annual Meeting March 2, 2021.

Questions? Please contact any officer or Ramona Swenson (Bylaws and Nominations Chair, [email protected]).


Chapter Elections in 2020 for President and Secretary

The Election results are in! Congratulations and welcome to incoming President, Matthew Young, and incoming Secretary, Nicole Kwan! Official officer change of guard will occur September 1, 2020.

The Chapter extends a big thank-you to Past-President Steve Brumbaugh and Secretary Kathleen Berridge! 🙂


Matt Young

Hello fellow fish nerds!

I am currently a fish biologist with the US Geological Survey based out of Sacramento, but I began my fisheries career as an undergraduate at UC Davis under the tutelage of Dr. Andrew Sih and as a graduate student with Dr. Peter Moyle. My graduate work with Dr. Moyle focused on interactions of native and non-native fishes with their environment, including novel ecosystem elements such as altered hydrology and proliferating non-native species. This work led me to USGS, where my focus is on providing stakeholders in diverse systems with the information needed to make evidence-based decisions for conservation and management. My interests and experience are varied, including systems ranging from coastal lagoons to high desert streams, and methods ranging from conventional fisheries techniques to isotope and genetic analyses. I currently reside in Winters, California, although I’m more often found on wilderness rivers across the West with my family.

I’m proud to be a member of this passionate community of scientists pursuing important conservation work. I’m honored to be considered for this role, in an organization I respect. I’m excited to be doing the work that we do.

It’s this enthusiasm I hope to bring to this position and why I’m running for president-elect of the Cal-Neva Chapter of AFS. We find ourselves faced with enduring challenges, and with dramatic ecological change on the horizon. This change will affect ourselves, and most certainly everyone’s ichthyofauna of choice. I firmly believe that strong communication and interdisciplinary collaboration is essential for both scientific enterprise and successful long-term management of California’s unique aquatic heritage. I hope to further the strategic goals of our Chapter, primarily through support of students and early career professionals, the dissemination of interdisciplinary and high-quality science for conservation and management, and to highlight conservation of our endemic fauna and sustainability of our fisheries resources.



Nicole Kwan

Raised near the San Francisco Estuary (SFE) by a family with a boat, fish have always been a part of my life. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, my early introduction to fish and the SFE would help inspire my future career in fisheries. Currently, I am an environmental scientist in the Aquatic Ecology Section at the California Department of Water Resources. Prior to this, I assisted with various seasonal fisheries positions and then attended graduate school at UC Davis in 2016, where I earned my M.S. in Ecology. Through these experiences I studied a variety of different fish species across diverse watersheds. Researching fish and the challenges they face across various regions helps me appreciate the immense value of the collaboration, connections, and opportunities the American Fisheries Society fosters. During graduate school, I had the chance to serve as Secretary and then Vice President of the AFS Sacramento-Davis Student Sub-Unit. As a part of this group, I helped organize fishing trips, tours of the Bay Model and the Nimbus Fish Hatchery, and the sub-unit’s annual fish display at UC Davis Picnic Day. While with the sub-unit, I also attended my first AFS Cal-Neva Conference where I enjoyed the diversity of topics presented and the opportunity to make professional connections. I would like to become more involved with AFS and help foster a welcoming environment for future fisheries scientists. Thank you for your consideration.