Elections for Executive Officer positions and Vote on Bylaws changes

Results are in!  The annual officer election closed on March 19th. Our membership has voted and we are excited to welcome Eva Bush to the position of President-Elect and Jose Setka to a second term as Treasurer. The officer switch will take place in the fall.  See below for more information about the officers.



Eva Bush

My name is Eva Bush and I am currently a Senior Environmental Scientist at the Delta Stewardship Council Delta Science Program, in the Collaborative Science and Peer Review Unit, where I connect researchers throughout the Delta science community for science-policy interactions, support collaborative science, and promote independent scientific peer review. I made my transition from a research lab to working in the science policy realm through a California Sea Grant State Fellowship. I received my undergraduate degree from UC Davis in Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology, where I worked and later did my graduate work in the lab of Jim Hobbs studying otolith chemistry in Delta Smelt and earned a Master’s of Science in Ecology, with a conservation emphasis. In the Hobbs’ lab I was immediately introduced to the work that Cal-Neva AFS does and the unique opportunities it provides. From 2013-2015 I supported the yearly annual meetings by coordinating fundraising; as a result, I received a Special Contribution Award in 2015. This involvement allowed me to become familiar with ongoing research and build a network right away which has been very valuable, especially as I have continued to work in the Delta and San Francisco Estuary. Through my work I have become keenly aware of the new ideas, opportunities, and momentum produced by making connections for expanding research opportunities, guiding management decisions, and supporting individuals, especially students and early career scientists. If elected as president, my goal would be to uphold Cal-Neva’s great tradition of providing a place to make those connections though the annual meeting, outreach, and professional development opportunities. I would like for us to be intentional in our outreach, to actively include underrepresented groups and individuals who are taking a “non-traditional” path. With the emerging effects of climate change already making themselves known and the significant ecological shifts still to come, making connections, and including diverse voices is more important than ever in fulfilling the AFS mission of improving the conservation and sustainability of fisheries and aquatic ecosystems. These upcoming challenges require increased and improved communication of sound and relevant science to managers, policy makers, and the legislature, and I believe this is another place for the Cal-Neva Chapter to make an impact.

I am honored to be considered for this role and, should I be elected, the opportunity to give back to an organization that has helped me in so many ways.



Jose Setka

This past year has been incredibly challenging for all.  Adjusting our lives to maintain the health and safety of families, colleagues, and communities has been time and energy consuming.  The immediate shift in priorities brought on by the pandemic has taken its toll, but there is light at the end of the tunnel that we can all start focusing on.

As the current AFS Cal-Neva Chapter Treasurer I have worked closely with the Executive Committee to manage the finances through the many changes caused by pandemic related closures and restrictions.  Our Chapter entered into 2020 in a very strong fiscal position due to the incredibly successful 2019 National AFS meeting in Reno.  Participation of our Executive Committee and membership was a key component of the event’s success.  As we moved into 2020 the pandemic took hold and forced cancelation our annual meeting along with the IEP meeting, for which our Chapter provides registration support.  Behind the scenes these cancelations resulted in a significant amount of work in regards to issuing refunds, working with vendors, and ensuring all of our members were made whole.  With the help of many I was able to meet all of our requirements and ensured that the Chapter entered into 2021 in a strong fiscal position.

In running for a second term as Treasurer my focus continues to be on keeping our fiscal position strong, while insuring we are providing our membership the products, events, and support they need to further their professional development.    I am grateful that our organization is not facing some of the fiscal issues that many other non-profits are encountering and I will continue to provide prudent fiscal advice and budget management. Aside from the pandemic, events in 2020 brought into sharp focus continued problems this Nation has with social justice issues.  Improving the diversity within our professional community needs to be a priority, both in effort and fiscally. Working with the Executive Committee and membership, I will continue to support engaging with entities and organizations that can effectively begin the process to improving the diversity of our ranks.  While it will be a few more months before we can gather in person, I look forward to seeing you all and continuing to serve as the Chapter’s Treasurer.