Grant opportunities


ATTENTION MEMBERS: The Cal-Neva Chapter of AFS has created a ‘Small Grants Program’ to provide funding to fisheries-related projects in California and Nevada.  Our goal is to fund at least two grants, for a total of $3,000 across all grants.  This money can be used to get a project started or to supplement funding from other sources.  In 2023 the following dates apply: Application open period from March 20 – May 5, 2023. The Grant Committee will then review and select grantees by June 2, 2023. The Grant Committee would include the Travel and Grants Committee Chair, one volunteer from the Executive Committe, and the officers. For more information please click here: Cal-Neva Small Grants Program 2023_final. Please submit your completed application via email to Shawn Acuña at [email protected]. For questions and/or additional information, contact Shawn Acuña at (310) 938-7966 or via email at [email protected].



The AFS California-Nevada Chapter (Cal-Neva) Semi Annual Travel Award provides monetary awards for deserving student or young professional applicants to support their attendance of conferences, annual meetings, or workshops.

For 2023, this award was presented to Emily Chen and Christian Denney to travel to the 2023 Cal-Neva Annual Meeting in Long Beach, CA.

The next Travel Grant will be available in 2024.



AFS Cal-Neva Donations and Sponsorships for Special Projects and Events. The AFS Cal-Neva Chapter may donate funds toward special projects, and contribute funds toward special events. Such projects and events must be aligned with the Cal-Neva Chapter mission, and may include meetings, workshops, and projects. All sponsorships and donations must be approved by the AFS Cal-Neva Executive Committee prior to their being awarded. Executive Committee Meetings are usually held on a monthly basis. Therefore, it is recommended that any request for sponsorship or contributions be submitted at least 2 months prior to the event to allow adequate time for approval and dispersal of funds. For further information, please see the Request for Donations or Sponsorship Form Request for Cal-Neva Donations or Sponsorship_2023.