Grant opportunities

1) Special Projects and Events

AFS Cal-Neva Donations and Sponsorships for Special Projects and Events. The AFS Cal-Neva Chapter may donate funds toward special projects, and contribute funds toward special events. Such projects and events must be aligned with the Cal-Neva Chapter mission, and may include meetings, workshops, and projects. For further information, please see the Request for Donations or Sponsorship Form. All sponsorships and donations must be approved by the AFS Cal-Neva Executive Committee prior to their being awarded. Executive Committee Meetings are usually held on a monthly basis. Therefore, it is recommended that any request for sponsorship or contributions be submitted at least 2 months prior to the event to allow adequate time for approval and dispersal of funds.

2) Individual Travel Grant

AFS Cal-Neva Travel Grant. The AFS California Nevada Chapter (Cal-Neva) Travel Award provides monetary awards for deserving student or young professional applicants to support their attendance of conferences, annual meetings, or workshops. Any member of the AFS who is active in fisheries, environmental sciences and management, or related aquatic disciplines is eligible to apply. Established Cal-Neva Executive Committee members will select up to two awardees.  Selection is based on academic qualifications, professional service, reasons for travel, and activities that are supportive of mission and goals of AFS. Criteria for selection will differ to applicants that are AFS members of good standing, who are presenting their research, and establish financial need.

Travel support of $500.00 will be made available to the successful applicant for the Cal-Neva Chapter Annual Meeting. Travel support of up to $750.00will be made available to the successful applicant for the 2nd half of year for the AFS National Meeting or fisheries related conference.  In addition, all awardees of the $750.00 travel grant must submit an article to the Cal-Neva Chapter Executive Committee, for publication on the Chapter’s webpage and/or newsletter, summarizing the event which was identified for being the reason for travel no later than 1 month after the event.

The travel application will be available soon!


3) Student Subunit Travel Grant to Cal-Neva Annual Meeting

In an effort to allow more students to attend and participate in the meeting, there are some additional funds available for student subunits.  Please see the instructions and terms below.  Subunit proposals will be accepted soon, stay tuned!

Sub-unit Support Grant Proposal Guidance:

  1. Please provide a current list of students attending, and whether they are presenting (title, session or poster).
  2. The cash grant for lodging will be available, but it is expected that students will share rooms.  Lodging is also available for volunteers, but is limited to 4 rooms.  Please note if lodging will be needed.
  3. Cal-Neva student grant recipients are expected to volunteer at least 6 hours over the meeting period.  We have a limit of 25 volunteers. Please coordinate with Claire Ingel (
  4. Travel grants will be paid to subunit in 2 parts: half upon notice of award, and remaining half at end of meeting once volunteer work has been verified.
  5. Food costs standardized at $25/day (note that you will have banquet dinner on Wednesday night).
  6. Subunits are required to provide a Pisces/website newsletter article including names of all students attending, student presenters and titles, description of activities at the meeting, and photos. We encourage your creativity! Facebook postings and tweets during the meeting would be great. Please coordinate with Laurie or newsletter editor (Lisa Thompson or other designee).
  7. All proposals should be submitted to the President, Laurie Earley 
    and President-Elect, Steven Brumbaugh.