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Tidewater Goby Management & Ecology Workshop

September 21-23, 2018
Clem Miller Environmental Education Center
Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

Coordinator/Contact for Questions: Ivan Parr,

This workshop, jointly hosted by the Cal/Neva Chapter of the American Fisheries Society and the Western Section of The Wildlife Society, will focus on one of California’s most enigmatic species: the Northern tidewater goby (Eucylogobius newberryi) and the recently named Southern tidewater goby (Eucylogobius kristinae). Our instructors will discuss natural history, mitigation, restoration, and survey techniques for this Federally Endangered species. The field portion, demonstrating survey techniques for goby species, will take place in Lagunitas Creek, one of the few remaining freshwater creeks containing a near-pristine assemblage of native fishes.

Ramona Swenson, Ph.D.
Restoration Ecology Program Manager Environmental Science Associates

Darren Fong
Aquatic Ecologist
Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Brenton Spies, MS
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of California Los Angeles

Michael Reichmuth
Fisheries Biologist
Point Reyes National Seashore

Daniel Chase, MS
Senior Fisheries Biologist, WRA


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Member Continuing Education

The American Fisheries Society has a long and reputable history of promoting and enhancing the technical, professional, and administrative knowledge and skills of its members. In this spirit, the Cal-Neva AFS Continuing Education program is committed to the development of meaningful and timely continuing education opportunities that facilitate the collaboration and further development of our chapter members.

The Cal-Neva AFS Continuing Education program is designed for students and professionals who seek to enhance and broaden their knowledge and skills necessary to meet the demands of fisheries management. Courses cover the scientific, technical, regulatory, and public policy knowledge related to fisheries management and environmental decision making. The program aims to provide the necessary courses to analyze, assess, and manage a wide variety of fisheries issues from general topics to specific applications.

In order to accomplish this goal, chapter members are encouraged to get involved. Please contact the Continuing Education Chair, Brian Mahardja, with your course ideas and together we can create a successful and thriving program.