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The American Fisheries Society has a long and reputable history of promoting and enhancing the technical, professional, and administrative knowledge and skills of its members. In this spirit, the Cal-Neva AFS Continuing Education program is committed to the development of meaningful and timely continuing education opportunities that facilitate the collaboration and further development of our chapter members.

The Cal-Neva AFS Continuing Education program is designed for students and professionals who seek to enhance and broaden their knowledge and skills necessary to meet the demands of fisheries management. Courses cover the scientific, technical, regulatory, and public policy knowledge related to fisheries management and environmental decision making. The program aims to provide the necessary courses to analyze, assess, and manage a wide variety of fisheries issues from general topics to specific applications.

In order to accomplish this goal, chapter members are encouraged to get involved. Please contact the Continuing Education Chair, Brian Mahardja, with your course ideas and together we can create a successful and thriving program.

Upcoming Workshops:

  • Vernal Pool Branchiopods: A Workshop for Future Permit Holders. January 28-Feb. 2 2019, in Davis
This workshop combines both an ID class and 20 hours of wet season surveys, two requirements needed to begin the the Vernal Pool Branchiopods 10(a)(1)(A) permit process for wet season surveys (note: taking the workshop does not guarantee minimum qualifications for the permit). Full requirements of the permit are found here. Participants also have the option of taking only wet season field survey portion if they choose. The ID course will be taught in Davis, CA; and the wet season field survey portions will take place in three different locations in the Sacramento Valley, specially chosen for a diverse branchiopod fauna.
Cost: $1705 (member) $1805 (non-member) for full course
$895/995 for field surveys only
  • Drone Technology & Regulation for Biologists. April 9-12, 2019, Hastings Reserve
Description: This workshop is designed to provide an overview of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technology, regulations and image analysis in support of drone applications. It is targeted towards participants with little to no experience in UAS technology who are interested exploring practical applications of UAS. Participants will gain practice conducting flight operations using two popular UAS platforms. Additionally, we’ll discuss geospatial technologies for monitoring and mapping natural resources with hands-on experience on practical examples.
An optional Mentored Research Project takes place at the end of the workshop and will allow participants to practice what they’ve learned through a project designed by David Bird, Ornithologist and Editor of The Journal of UAS.
Cost: $475 (member), $525 (non-member)
  • 2nd Annual Cal-Neva AFS Native Fishes Workshop: April 4-5, 2019, Clear Lake, California
Planning is underway for the second annual Native Fishes Workshop. This year the spotlight falls on fish native to the Clear Lake Basin. We have several excellent speakers lined up to cover topics ranging from the status, management and biology of Clear Lake Hitch to lampreys in the Clear Lake Basin (as well as discussions on several other species in between). The Workshop will include a half-day of presentations on the afternoon of April 4th, and on April 5th, a half-day of hiking along local creeks observing native fishes as they compete their spawning migrations.
Similar to last year’s meeting in Tahoe, we will be taking over a campground and hosting a BBQ dinner on the evening of April 4th. Planning is ongoing, and additional details will be forth coming in the next month or so. But for now, mark your calendars and get ready for another exciting native fishes workshop!
If you have questions about the workshop, please contact Shawn Chase

Past Workshops: