List of Chapter awards

The Cal-Neva Chapter grants awards to promote and recognize excellence; encourage contributions to fisheries conservation, science, and education; and promote the professional image of the Chapter and Society.  Awards shall be given upon approval of the ExComm. The Awards Committee is responsible for awards in the following categories:

  1. The Chapter Award of Excellence recognizes a Chapter and Society member for exemplary depth and breadth of professional achievement in academia, government service, or private practice; combined with significant publications and/or conservation activities, and participation in Chapter activities. They must have achieved significant distinction on multiple fronts (professionally, scientifically, environmentally, and as a supporting Chapter volunteer). Those given this award should have achieved statewide recognition as a major authority or guiding force in California and/or Nevada fisheries management and science.
  2. The Chapter Award for Distinguished Professional Achievement recognizes Chapter members for professional excellence in research, management, education, or publication, or outstanding contribution to the profession, the Society, or fisheries conservation.
  3. Award for Special Contributions recognizes Chapter members and others for outstanding service to the Chapter.
  4. The Conservation Achievement Award recognizes non-member individuals or groups for outstanding contributions or service to fisheries conservation.
  5. The Chapter Award for Scientific Journalism recognizes journalists whose work is particularly accurate and effective in conveying information to the public regarding fisheries science or conservation.
  6. The Deacon-Moyle Native Fishes Award, named for Dr. James Deacon of UN Las Vegas and Dr. Peter Moyle of UC Davis, is presented by Cal-Neva AFS’s Native Fishes Committee. The award recognizes individuals or groups that have made significant progress to understand, conserve or educate on the behalf of the native fishes of California and/or Nevada.
Award Nominations
Award Recipients