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9/22/2021 – Fish Facilities Unit Lead, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

An exciting opportunity as a scientific lead and entrainment expert in the San Francisco Estuary.  This position will work with partner agencies, stakeholders, data scientists, and regulatory staff to ensure effective data collection, collaboration, and regulatory compliance.  The position will lead an internal team of Environmental Scientists to manage and assimilate entrainment data collected at fish collection facilities that are part of larger water operations in California, and will work closely with external partners to achieve shared goals. Salary: $7,336.00 – $9,126.00 per Month. Final Filing Date: 10/4/2021. More information can be found here: CalCareers

9/21/2021 – Senior Environmental Scientist Supervisor, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Fisheries Branch is seeking highly motivated candidates for a Senior Environmental Scientist Supervisor opening in the Anadromous Fisheries Program. The position is located in the West Sacramento Headquarters Office located at 1010 Riverside Parkway, West Sacramento, CA 95605.

Under direction of the Environmental Program Manager in the Fisheries Branch Anadromous Fishes Program, the incumbent will lead a dedicated team of 6-8 fisheries professionals to address recovery, restoration, research, and management actions designed to protect, recover and provide recreational opportunities for salmon and steelhead populations throughout the state. Supervision responsibilities include direct supervision of Environmental Scientists, Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist), technicians, and of a varying number of Scientific Aides. Responsibilities will include development and implementation of state and federal programs including recovery planning, species status reviews, angling regulations, aquatic connectivity, ocean enhancement fisheries, and salmonid monitoring. Incumbent helps develop partnerships with local governments, other state and federal agencies, and non-government organizations and is responsible for coordinating fisheries program elements within and between regions and divisions. In addition, the incumbent is expected to closely monitor and manage politically sensitive elements of the program and keep the Environmental Program Manager apprised of any developing significant issues. The position requires both highly independent and team actions, both of which involve highly sensitive public contacts. Salary: $9,785.00 – $12,165.00 per month. Final Filing Date: 10/6/2021. More information can be found here: CalCareers

9/16/21 – Marine Operations Coordinator and Diving Safety Officer, San Francisco State University

Working under the general direction of the Executive Director of the Estuary & Ocean Science (EOS) Center and in close collaboration with the EOS Center Laboratory Coordinator, the Marine Operations Coordinator and Diving Safety Officer oversees the Marine Operations program and all aspects of scientific diving and boating at SFSU, serving as the scientific diving and boating safety officer (DSO). This position develops an engaging and inclusive program for: 1) training students, staff, and faculty in effective and safe conduct of scientific diving and boating; 2) supervision of scientific diving and boating activities and ensuring safe practices are followed; 3) overseeing maintenance of the small vessel fleet; 4) developing and delivering curricula related to methods of underwater research (independently and in collaboration with faculty); 5) financial planning, invoicing, and scheduling for marine operations. The marine operations coordinator and DSO supports SF State’s academic and social justice goals, especially improvement of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the environmental and marine sciences, and the Center’s overarching mission to connect science, society, and the sea for a healthy planet.

Anticipated Hiring Range $5,474 to $6,200 per month ($65,688 to $74,400 annually). Salary is commensurate with experience. Applications close: September 15, 2022 (11:55 PM) Pacific Daylight Time. More information can be found here.

10/28/20 – Institute of Marine Sciences: Fisheries Collaborative Program Specialist Pool (Ongoing), University of California, Santa Cruz

The Fisheries Collaborative Program (FCP) in the Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS) at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) invites applications for an ongoing pool of specialist who may be appointed to support research on the conservation and management of California’s living marine resources, which encompasses areas of research such as, but not limited to fisheries biology, marine science, oceanography, climate variability, and natural resources management.

The Fisheries Collaborative Program (FCP) helps foster research collaborations between National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists, UCSC faculty, IMS researchers, and students. The research activities of the FCP include field and laboratory experiments, modeling, and computational studies, which involve marine and freshwater species and habitats where comprehensive studies are being conducted on the ecology and life history of Pacific salmonids and other fishes. The FCP serves to support and resource managers and fisheries and resource science in general.

Under the direction of an assigned UCSC IMS Research supervisor (see IMS Research Cluster Groups at and NOAA Science Advisor(s), the FCP specialists will use their expertise to contribute to various field and laboratory research projects; analyze datasets; and, contribute to presentations, reports, and peer-reviewed publications.

Applicants with expertise in any of the following areas are strongly encouraged to apply: population modeling, analysis of animal movement, tagging and tracking of aquatic species, species interactions, habitat analysis, predator-prey relationships, impacts of climate on marine organisms, computer programming (e.g., MATLAB, R, etc.), database management, and/or statistical analysis.
Application deadline: Friday, Oct 15, 2021 at 11:59pm (Pacific Time). More information found here.