Job listings

For a broader list, please visit the Job Board on the National AFS website.

9/19/19 – Senior Environmental Scientist Specialist, CDFW – The California Dept of Fish and Wildlife is hiring a Senior Environmental Scientist Specialist responsible for managing the implementation of statewide population monitoring projects in watersheds that support anadromous salmonids listed under the state or federal endangered species act.  This position will lead and provide technical expertise for coordination teams developed to facilitate and support the implementation of the Department’s Coastal Monitoring Plan. The position will also serve as a liaison with state and federal government departments, water agencies, resource conservation districts and non-governmental organizations, to promote, improve, and protect California steelhead and salmon populations and fisheries.  The position is with the Fisheries Branch program located in the Sacramento Area. The filing date closes 9/24/19.  If you have interest in this position, find the posting at the following link:<>

9/14/19 – Hydro-technician (2 positions), California Water Science Center US Geological Survey – We are currently looking for two Hydrotechnicians to join our group at the USGS.  Details of the position can be found here  (  People are encouraged to apply or contact USGS even if they don’t have all of the preferred skills listed, but are interested in learning them. These temporary positions provide individuals with a lot of skills and experiences that can help them determine if they are interested in a career with the USGS, and makes them more competitive for other opportunities that come up.  Open Period: September 9, 2019 – September 23, 2019.

9/14/19 – Seasonal Technician (2 positions), Cramer Fish Sciences – Cramer Fish Sciences has two openings for seasonal technician in the Piru, CA area.  See the links for candidates to apply below.

9/8/19 – Manager of Fisheries and Wildlife, East Bay Municipal Utility District – The Manager of Fisheries and Wildlife implements and manages fishery and wildlife management programs on East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) waters and watershed lands. The Manager manages a group of biologists, supervising biologists, and clerical staff engaged in the conservation and management of fish and wildlife, and represents EBMUD in regional and statewide forums on fishery, wildlife, and related topics. Broad knowledge and experience in fishery and wildlife biology as applied to management and conservation are essential.  This recruitment will be open from September 9, 2019 until 4:30 PM on September 27, 2019.  Please see the position announcement here.