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Senior Environmental Scientist – CA Department of Water Resources

The California Department of Water Resources has a vacancy for a Senior Environmental Scientist, Specialist in their Tidal Habitat Restoration Section. The announcement closes 2/23/2024.

CalCareers Job Announcement: JC-414296 Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)

Under the direction of the Manager of the Tidal Habitat Restoration Section the incumbent is responsible for coordinating, planning, and directing habitat restoration and mitigation measures, environmental analyses and studies, and related environmental documents and permits for compliance with the Incidental Take Permit (ITP) and Biological Opinions (BiOps) for operation of the State Water Project (SWP), and related conservation measures and projects. Other duties will include: managing implementation of restoration plans and coordinating reporting and land management of restoration sites; developing and managing contracts, and allocating resources that support restoration and land management activities; preparing and providing presentations to inform management, regulators, and other interested parties of issues and progress. This position supports mitigation and restoration activities that are critical to the State’s future water supply operation. You will find additional information about the job in the Duty Statement (pdf)

(3) Small Craft Operators – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Lodi office

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Lodi (CA) office has 3 openings for small craft operators.
Open & Closing Dates: 02/09/2024 to 03/01/2024

These positions are open to the public as well as merit promotion. View the appropriate job announcement.


As a Small Craft Operator your duties will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Regularly operates navigates, dock/cast-off, and fuel inboard, outboard, and inboard/outboard (I/O), powered vessels, including but not limited to: prop boats, jet boats, from 3 to 12 meters in length (occasionally larger) to facilitate biological sampling of the San Francisco Estuary. Simultaneously operates hydraulic winch controls to deploy, fish, and retrieve sampling gear, (typically trawl nets or similar gear types), including maintenance to hydraulic equipment.
  • Maintains, services, tracks, and performs minor repairs on all vessels and attached or associated equipment, including sampling gear, vessels, marine diesel and gasoline engines, drive systems and boat trailers.
  • Assures adherence to safety protocols by all personnel on board and assists in the training of vessel operators and other personnel.

Various Water Resource Engineering Positions – CBEC Engineering

  • ECOENGINEER/ECOHYDROLOGIST I/II ~ based out of West Sacramento or Santa Cruz, CA, and Upper Midwest
  • TECHNICIAN I/II ~ based out of West Sacramento, CA

Why join cbec eco engineering
cbec eco engineering, inc. (cbec), is based in West Sacramento, California, with branch offices in Northern California, the Upper Midwest, and nationwide. We specialize in eco engineering, a term that refers to the practice of water resources engineering in ways that provide ecologically-sensitive and environmentally sustainable solutions in the fields of hydrology, hydraulics, geomorphology, water quality, and restoration design. cbec offers a stable job environment, competitive compensation and benefits, and opportunities for career growth.

We are looking for candidates who are ambitious, enthusiastic, driven, and fun, who have fantastic qualifications, and a love of the outdoors. Please visit our website for more information on our current job openings.
Please see cbec website for complete job listings:

Senior Biological Technician – Cramer Fish Sciences

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Experience conducting stream habitat surveys and identifying California freshwater and estuarine fish species.
  • Ability to accurately interpret and follow established scientific guidelines and protocols as you perform data collection, entry, organization, and quality assurance/control.
  • Manage project logistics, including scheduling field efforts and delegating work among the field team.
  • Lead and manage field crews as needed to perform hands-on work which may include water sample collection, fish trapping and tagging, visual estimation techniques (e.g., snorkeling, redd surveys), collecting data on the physical environment (e.g., water quality, channel bathymetry), and taking measurements of individual specimens.
  • Enter, compile, organize, and conduct basic analysis of fisheries and aquatic habitat related data, including generating simple figures, tables, and written content summarizing results.
  • Operate prop boats, jet boats, and non-motorized watercraft to perform fisheries research.
  • Coordinate acquisition, maintenance, repairs, replacement, and organization of all equipment and supplies needed for field work.
  • The ability to operate power tools like saws and drills to perform basic maintenance on a variety of equipment is a plus.
  • Using GPS devices, traveling to and working in remote field sites.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with others to resolve challenges.

How to apply:

Seasonal Biological Technician – Cramer Fish Sciences

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Perform field surveys that include fish trapping and visual estimation techniques (e.g., backpack electrofishing, boat-based sampling, acoustic telemetry, spawning or snorkel surveys).
  • Assist with modifying and constructing fabrication projects (e.g., weirs, boats).
  • Perform laboratory work, including freshwater invertebrate sample processing and salmon otolith preparation.
  • Safely conduct field and lab work under supervision for a wide array of projects.
  • Ability to produce accurate, timely, and quality work products assigned by project leaders and be accountable for meeting objectives.
  • Strong organization and communication skills.
  • Ability to accurately interpret and follow established protocols, guidelines, and procedures.

How to apply:
Duration: January 2024 through the end of June 2024

Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Program Manager, California Ocean Protection Council (OPC)

The California Ocean Protection Council (OPC) is hiring an Environmental Scientist to help advance strategic priorities related to sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, resilient fishing communities, and thriving fish and wildlife populations in California. The Environmental Scientist will work in OPC’s Biodiversity Program and will lead OPC’s efforts related to climate-resilient fisheries, the development of a statewide aquaculture action plan, and the protection of marine mammal and sea turtle populations.
The Environmental Scientist will collaborate with other OPC staff, state and federal agencies, California Native American tribes, academic scientists, non-profits, and others to ensure effective, equitable fisheries management in California, with a specific focus on working closely with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the California Fish and Game Commission. The Environmental Scientist will also be responsible for grant and contract management, including developing scopes of work and budgets, tracking deliverables, and coordinating with grantees/contractors. Finally, the Environmental Scientist will provide additional support and capacity for the implementation of broader OPC and California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) priorities related to biodiversity conservation, such as habitat protection and restoration, and will support embedding equity and environmental justice into programs and actions. Final Filing date: 2/2/2024. More info here CalCareers

Postdoctoral Researcher-Aquatic Health Program

The Aquatic Health Program (PIs: Hammock and Teh) seeks a Postdoctoral Researcher with experience in data analysis and a strong publication record to join their team at the University of California, Davis (UCD).

You can find more information regarding this job opportunity and how to apply by viewing this announcement for the Postdoctoral Researcher (PDF).

Junior Specialist, University of California, Davis

We are seeking a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual to be involved in interdisciplinary studies focusing  on questions in the field of Eco-physiology; relating to aquatic animals’ thermal performance, swimming  performance, and behavior near engineered structures.

More information can be found here.

 Interagency Ecological Program Job Announcements.