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10/23/20 – Environmental Scientist, California Department of Water Resources – The California Department of Water Resources is hiring an Environmental Scientist in their Division of Environmental Services, Fish Restoration Program. The position will be planning and managing a tidal wetland restoration site in the Delta and Suisun Marsh. It will be a great opportunity to make a difference in fish conservation! The final filing date is 11/2/2020. For more information on the position, please visit:

10/20/2020 – Habitat Restoration Coordinator, California Department of Fish and Wildlife – The California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s North Central Region has a Habitat Restoration Coordinator position available in their Anadromous Fish Restoration Program. This position is equivalent to a Senior ES and would be engaged in a broad range of habitat restoration and research activities primarily in lotic waters.  It requires coordination with stakeholders and various government agencies for restoration, fish monitoring and water operations.  A successful candidate will have a working knowledge of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act and related state and federal laws.  The Final File date is 11/2/2020. More information on this position can be found at:

10/14/20 – Two new positions at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, working in the Interagency Ecological Program’s Program Support Unit. These two Senior Environmental Scientist Specialist positions have a salary range of $6,816 – $8,479 per month, and will provide a nice balance of data stewardship, communication, analytical and reporting responsibilities along with field opportunities. Successful candidates for these positions will work with a very talented and motivated team within CDFW, and partner with stakeholders and other IEP agency staff. You can find more information at:

for JC-219997 (Zooplankton and Bay Study Data and Reporting Specialist). Final Filing Date: 11/2/2020

for JC-220181 (Young Fish and Native Fish Data and Reporting Specialist). Final Filing Date: 11/2/2020.

10/6/20 – Sport Fish Environmental Scientist, California Department of Fish and Wildlife – Bay Delta Region – The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is searching for enthusiastic candidates with a passion for conserving California’s natural resources. This position is an integral part of the Interagency Ecological Program (IEP) for the San Francisco Estuary. The Sportfish program has been conducting long-term monitoring in the upper San Francisco Estuary since 1969 to develop population models to understand the factors driving population trends and inform water operations in the Central Valley of California. The office and is located at the Bay Delta Region office in Stockton, California which offers free parking and is near the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, a National Heritage Area with world-class recreational and sport fish opportunities and affordable housing.

The incumbent will be responsible for leading staff and conducting scientific monitoring surveys for sport fish including sturgeon and striped bass in the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary. This work can require long days in the field working under inclement conditions. Field surveys for sturgeon entail the use of trammel nets to collect adult sturgeon in the estuary requiring the ability to handle large fish and identify green and white sturgeon at different life stages. Surveys for striped bass entail deployment of large cage-type fyke traps using winches and handling large numbers of fish and species common to the Sacramento River.

The incumbent will be responsible for conducting data analysis for demographic population models to estimate abundance, survival, fishing and entrainment induced mortality and identify factors affecting population dynamics of sport fish. The incumbent will communicate and collaborate with agency partners to inform fishery management and policy development, write technical reports and peer review publications, and participate in and present study results at professional society meetings and workshops.

More information on the IEP and can be found at: See the position description here:  Final Filing Date is 11/9/2020.