History of the Cal-Neva Chapter

Note: Historical documents are sorted with the most recent documents first.

2019 – Cal-Neva ExComm History– Excel file with names of past Chapter officers, committee chairs, and student sub-unit officers, and years and locations of past Chapter annual meetings.

2017 – Thank-you letter from the AFS Palouse Unit and Western Division of the AFS, for contribution to the WDAFS Student Colloquium

Performance Report Card on the 2016 Strategic Plan. In order to assess its progress towards achieving its mission, the Chapter conducted a review of its activities that supported the 2016 Strategic Plan. The assessment is presented in the performance Report Card on the 2016 Strategic Plan.

2016 Strategic Plan (superseded by 2018-2020 Strategic Plan)

2005 Chapter Documents

2004 Chapter Documents

2003 – Annual Meeting of the Western Division of the American Fisheries Society and Annual Meeting of the California-Nevada Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (Program) (21 MB)

2000 Chapter Documents

1999 Chapter Documents

1998 Chapter Documents

1997 Chapter Documents

1996 Chapter Documents

1995 Chapter Documents

1995 – Annual Conference of the California-Nevada Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (Program)

1995 – California-Nevada Chapter Workshops

1994 Chapter Documents

1993 Chapter Documents

1992 Chapter Documents

1992 – Eel River Symposium-Workshop (Program)

1992 – Higgins, P., Dobush, S., and Fuller, D. 1992. Factors in Northern California Threatening Stocks With Extinction, June 1992. Humboldt Chapter of the American Fisheries Society.

1992 – 27th Annual Conference: American Fisheries Society California-Nevada Chapter (Program)

1991 Chapter Documents

1990 Chapter Documents

1986 Chapter Documents