Committees of the Cal-Neva Chapter

Awards – Zachary Bess, University of Nevada Reno
Bylaws and Nominations – Ramona Swenson, Environmental Science Associates
Communications – Lisa Thompson, Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District and Brittany Davis, Department of Water Resources
Conservation – Gary Sprague, NOAA Fisheries
Continuing Education – Stephanie Durkacz, US Fish and Wildlife Service
Diversity and Outreach –  Esther Tracy, Department of Water Resources
Exhibits – Andrew Hampton, California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Finance – Wayne Lifton, Cardno
Grants – Shawn Acuna, Metropolitan Water District
Historian – Jim Hobbs, California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Membership – , Vacant
Merchandise – Christina Parker, California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Native Fishes – Damon Goodman , US Fish and Wildlife Service
Policy and Resolutions –  Sheena Holley, California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Time and PlaceKelly Souza, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

The Awards Committee nominates candidates for special recognition by the Chapter.

The Bylaws and Nominations Committee submits to the Executive Committee a slate of candidates for specific Chapter offices, and periodically reviews the Chapter Bylaws.

The Communications Committee provides information on Chapter activities, positions, and opinions. The Committee maintains and updates the pages of the Chapter website, including posting jobs, grant opportunities, award opportunities, meeting minutes and other Chapter communications, and creates blogposts regarding new page content and events such as the Chapter annual meeting. The Committee develops and distributes the quarterly e-newsletter and occasional “newsblasts” using the Constant Contact program. The Committee develops the annual officers’ election ballot (using Survey Monkey) and distributes voting instructions and a voting code to dues paid members of the Chapter.

The Conservation Committee shall review fisheries legislation, issues and environmental recommendations and policies of the Society and other organizations. This Committee shall submit review statements as verbal testimony, written or electronic comment letters, letters to editors of newspapers or position statements on aquatic environmental issues with suggested actions for approval and signature by majority vote of the Executive Committee or by majority vote of the Chapter membership at the next general membership meeting. The Conservation Committee Chair shall represent the Committee on the Chapter’s Executive Committee and regularly provide updated information for inclusion on the Chapter website, write Committee articles for publication in Pisces and serve as the Chapter representative on the Environmental Concerns Committee of the Division.   Conservation Committee Update for 2016-2017

The Continuing Education Committee determines the educational needs of Chapter members and sets up educational programs to fulfill such needs.

The Exhibits Committee coordinates the Trade Show at the annual meeting of the Chapter.

The Finance Committee, which includes the Chapter Treasurer, advises the Executive Committee on matters of fiscal policy.

The International Committee shall encourage and support personal communication and exchange of fisheries-related technical information between Cal-Neva and Mexico Chapter members; promote the joint conservation and sustainability of trans-boundary inland and marine fisheries resources of California and Mexico; support collaborative fisheries research activities between Californian and Mexican scientists; and participate in international activities of the AFS International Fisheries Section and the Division Mexican Fisheries Committee.

The Historian maintains the historical records of the Chapter, including a detailed set of important Chapter documents and photographs, and uses these to prepare reports or summaries of historical value to Chapter membership and the Society.

The Membership Committee promotes and expands Chapter membership by identifying and implementing efforts to increase the enrollment of new Chapter members, creating and carrying out recruitment actions or projects and assisting other AFS recruitment efforts when possible.

The Merchandise Committee develops, selects, purchases and sells merchandise printed or embroidered with the Chapter’s logo.

The Native Fishes Committee is responsible for promoting the awareness and conservation of California and Nevada’s native fishes through education and outreach activities, public recognition of outstanding work towards native fish conservation, and serving as an outlet for the discussion and dissemination of information pertinent to California and Nevada’s native fishes.

The Planning Committee arranges the program, consisting of technical presentations, symposia, and other fishery-related activities, for the general membership meeting. The Chair of the Planning Committee is the winner of the most recent presidential election, and retains the Chair when he/she assumes the duties of President-Elect. The Planning Committee Chair is the lead for all other aspects of planning of the Annual Meeting and nominates the Time and Place Committee Chair for appointment by the President.

The Policy and Resolutions Committee drafts and recommends to the Chapter and/or the Executive Committee for approval those resolutions, policies, and position statements that accomplish Chapter objectives.

The Time and Place Committee selects appropriate times, locations, and facilities to accommodate the general membership meetings. The Time and Place Committee Chair typically coordinates and plans the logistics of the annual meeting.

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