Award Recipients

Winners of past awards

Please download the Cal-Neva AFS Awards List to view past recipients.

At its 2018 Annual Meeting the Cal-Neva Chapter recognized the contributions of the following individuals:

  • Rachel Johnson, Distinguished Professional Achievement
  • Tom Taylor, Distinguished Professional Achievement

We would also like to acknowledge our students for their efforts. In addition to many of our student members volunteering their time to help run the conference, they contributed many great oral and poster presentations. While our students always produce high quality presentations, the following students were recognized for doing exceptionally well:

Student Oral Presentation Award Winners

1st – Megan Sabal                                                      UC Santa Cruz

Migration decisions made under the risk of predation for wild and hatchery salmon

2nd – Katherine Dale                                    UC Santa Cruz

Morphology affects dispersal of eel larvae in the Eastern Pacific

3rd – Sabrina Beyer                                      UC Santa Cruz

Poor oceanographic conditions likely to reduce reproductive output in multiple brooding rockfishes


Student Poster Award Winners

1st – Miranda Tilcock                                  UC Davis

Eye Lenses as an Alternative to Otoliths for Reconstructing Life Histories of Juvenile Salmon

2nd – Ely Boone                                             Humboldt State University

Using Environmental DNA to Detect Pacific Lamprey in Water Samples in Northern California

3rd (tie) – Madison Halloran                                     Humboldt State University              

Juvenile Coho Salmon Life History Variants in Humboldt Bay Tributaries

3rd (tie) – Grace Ghrist                                Humboldt State University

The Effect of Juvenile Life History on the Marine Survival Rate of Coho Salmon


Katrina Martin Memorial Award

Hayley Farr        California Polytechnic State University

Environmental Impacts of Deepwater Floating Wind and Wave Energy Facilities