The mission of Chapters within the American Fisheries Society is to advance Society goals by coordinating member activities related to information exchange, outreach, and aquatic stewardship within their geographic region, including coordinating with appropriate local, provincial, and state-level government and nongovernmental agencies and organizations. Chapters serve member needs in local and provincial/state areas and represent those needs to the Division leadership. The California-Nevada Chapter is one of the largest in AFS with more than 400 members. Get involved!

Diverse Voices in Fisheries Science: Spring 2021 Seminar Series

The Santa Cruz-Monterey Bay Area Subunit and the Fisheries Collaborative Program are hosting a spring seminar series entitled “Diverse Voices in Fisheries Science.” In it, we’re hosting speakers from diverse backgrounds, who are also studying a diverse array of fish species and systems. The seminar consists of a 30-minute research talk followed by a 30-minute... Read More

President’s Message, 4/3/21

Prez message 4/3/21 Hello Cal-Neva folks, I have for a long time wanted to try out what it is like having a ponytail. The pandemic has given me the opportunity to find out. The connection to my barber has been broken by the pandemic as well. I’ve decided the ponytail doesn’t look as cool as... Read More