The American Fisheries Society provides science-based advice on important fisheries-related issues.

Occasionally, the American Fisheries Society will make policy statements, write letters and resolutions, and share press releases on important fisheries-related issues as part is its objective of supporting fisheries conservation.  The AFS strives to be the objective voice for fisheries science, with its statements reflecting the most current knowledge available for decision-making. The AFS is careful to follow strict guidelines to ensure its advocacy is ethically and professionally sound, as well as supported widely across Society membership.

Photo of American Fisheries Society Policy Director Tom Bigford on Capitol Hill in DC

Credit: American Fisheries Society

Policy Director Thomas Bigford suggests the following issues are among the most important facing fisheries today:

  1. Blue Carbon
  2. Wetland Loss
  3. Aquaculture
  4. Silos
  5. Climate change
  6. Human-generated stress
  7. Flow regimes
  8. Protected areas
  9. Invasive species
  10. Lost structure

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The AFS also provides guidelines for fisheries professionals regarding the use of best available science and the use of fishes in research.

Fisheries Partnerships

In addition to advising on important fisheries issues, the AFS also partners with other fisheries-related entities to share science across political and geographic boundaries. Some of the AFS’s partnerships include: