2023 Annual Meeting Plenary Speakers

Priya Shukla, University of California, Davis  

Priya Shukla is a PhD candidate in Ecology at UC Davis. As part of her dissertation research, she is working with the Hog Island Oyster Companies to explore strategies for improving oysters’ survival in the face of climate change and marine disease. She is currently a UC Davis Dissertation Year Fellow and working with California Ocean Science Trust as a Science Engagement Specialist. An avid science communicator, Priya has a column with Forbes Science where she talks about climate change, ocean science, and the biodiversity crisis and has been featured in multiple outlets including Mother Jones, NPR, and The New York Times. She also recently published a children’s book entitled Marine Biology Activities for Kids. Prior to beginning her PhD, Priya received her Master’s in Ecology from San Diego State University and her Bachelor’s from UC Davis in Environmental Science and Management.

 What You Can Do About Climate Change KQED Interview: https://www.youtube.com/live/Qcin3_-Jtc4?feature=share&t=1204

Dr. Paul Barber, University of California, Los Angeles

Paul Barber is a professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UCLA. He studied Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Music at his home town University of Arizona, and then earned his PhD from UC Berkeley in 1998. Paul spent 3 years at Harvard as an NSF Minority Postdoctoral Fellow before joining the faculty at Boston University in 2002 and then UCLA in 2008. Paul’s research program integrates genetics, genomics, ecology, and oceanography to understand the evolution of marine biodiversity, and uses this information to promote marine conservation. As a Latino committed to diversifying science, much of Paul’s research is done in the context of programs like The Diversity Project, a research-intensive summer program focused on increasing diversity in marine science. Paul’s integration of research and education and passion for mentoring diversity in science has been recognized by numerous awards, including the U.S. Presidential Early Career Award for Science and Engineering, the UCLA Distinguished Teaching award, the UCLA Diversity Equity and Inclusion Award, UCLA Gold Shield Prize, and the SACNAS Distinguished Student Mentor Award. In 2017 he was named an HHMI Professor, and in 2020 was elected to the California Academy of Sciences.

Certainty in Small Acts TEDx: https://youtu.be/58gc_KKLg7U

Dr. Chris Lowe, California State University Long Beach

Dr. Chris Lowe is a Professor of Marine Biology and the Director of the Shark Lab at CSULB. He and his students have worked on a variety of fisheries-related projects over the years, particularly focusing on aspects of fish physiology, behavior and ecology. His research has employed a range of technologies (e.g., acoustic and satellite telemetry, biologging, drones, AUVs, BRUVs), used to address questions related to the physiological and behavioral ecology of marine fishes, especially elasmobranchs, with fisheries implications.

Shark Lab | California State University Long Beach (csulb.edu)