Diverse Voices in Fisheries Science: Spring 2021 Seminar Series

The Santa Cruz-Monterey Bay Area Subunit and the Fisheries Collaborative Program are hosting a spring seminar series entitled “Diverse Voices in Fisheries Science.” In it, we’re hosting speakers from diverse backgrounds, who are also studying a diverse array of fish species and systems. The seminar consists of a 30-minute research talk followed by a 30-minute moderated Q&A about mentorship, career trajectories, teaching, research, and more. Seminars are open to everyone — please join us for our final two on May 19th and June 2nd!

  • Keith Parker (May 19) – Integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Contemporary STEM in Tribal Fisheries Management
  • Maryam Kamran (June 2)

The Zoom link is here (https://ucsc.zoom.us/j/92103042384?pwd=UGxrZEFpMVA0WUVuT2hCSXdEVStsQT09).