Seeking Nominations for the AFS Emmeline Moore Prize

The American Fisheries Society is seeking nominations for the 10th annual Emmeline Moore Prize to be awarded at the 2018 AFS Annual Meeting in Atlantic City.  This award was named after the first female AFS president and was established to recognize the career-long efforts of an individual AFS member who has gone above and beyond to promote demographic diversity in the Society.  Previous winners include Ambrose Jearld, Jr., Dr. Mamie Parker, and Hannibal Bolton, to name a few.

Nominees are restricted to AFS members, and qualified nominees should:

  • demonstrate a strong commitment and exemplary service to ensuring equal opportunity access to higher education in fisheries and/or professional development in the fisheries science disciplines;
  • exhibit clear evidence of service and commitment to diversity initiatives, including a strong research or fisheries management background;
  • demonstrate a public understanding of diversity issues, technical and popular writing, and inspirational leadership;
  • have enunciated principles that lead to greater involvement of under-represented groups in fisheries science, education, research, or management.

The nomination package should include a detailed letter of nomination that does not exceed three pages.  The nomination letter should include the nominee’s title and full contact information (i.e., email, phone, etc.), describe the nominee’s accomplishments, and provide evidence of the diversity initiatives listed in the bulleted items above.  Letters of nomination may be signed by more than one individual or may be supported by up to three additional letters of support.  Please note that additional letters of support are not required.  The nomination package should be submitted electronically through the AFS webpage no later than April 1, 2018 at

We thank you in advance for your time and energy to nominate those worthy of this Society award.  We hope to see a competitive field of AFS members who have worked to improve our profession and Society through the promotion of diversity.


Maureen Walsh and Melissa Wuellner
Co-chairs of the Emmeline Moore Prize Award Committee, 2018