University of Nevada-Reno Student Subunit is Revamping!

The AFS subunit at UNR is revamping this semester and for the upcoming year. We are hoping to engage both graduate and undergraduate students in the fish biology community of Nevada as well as the AFS community of California and Nevada. For this spring, we are planning a trip to the Marble Bluff Fish Hatchery at Pyramid Lake to see spawning Lahontan cutthroat trout and the hatchery’s “ice harbor ladder” technology. For this coming summer, we are planning to work with the Trout Unlimited Sagebrush Chapter for the McCarran Ranch Truckee River Cleanup. We also would like to plan a lake trout charter fishing day on Lake Tahoe before the summer comes to a close.

Find out more about the UNR Student Subunit here.

Blogpost by Zach Bess, UNR Subunit