Special Contribution Awards 2020

Kelly Souza
– As Time and Place Committee Chair, Kelly’s hard work transforms into outstanding experiences for members at our annual meetings. Finding the right venues, negotiating arrangements, and handling multitude of behind-the-scenes details has been Kelly’s special gift to Cal-Neva Chapter. Cal-Neva folks may not see the time and effort that Kelly has put in but all of us get the benefit of her work at the well-run meetings with food and refreshments and opportunities for socializing that we are accustomed to.

Brian Mahardja

– Brian has recently ended a long term as our Continuing Education Chair and service on our Chapter Executive Committee. We have been fortunate under Brian’s watch to have an outstanding array of courses and learning opportunities that many in the chapter have experienced. These opportunities that Brian organized constitute an important part of the AFS mission, providing a valued service to our members. Brian also helped Cal-Neva being a liaison with the Interagency Ecological Program (IEP) with joint planning efforts prior to both Cal-Neva and IEP losing their March meeting opportunities. As a “parting gift” Brian even recruited his own replacement as Cont. Ed. Chair, relieving the Chapter President of that task.

Jim Hobbs
– After serving multiple terms as Cal-Neva Treasurer Jim has stepped up to be the Chapter Historian. This is fitting as Jim continues to find ways to help Cal-Neva and the recent history of the chapter’s success has Hobbs fingerprints there. When a task needs to happen for a Cal-Neva meeting or event Jim Hobbs is often the one who volunteers to get it done or else, he knows who the right person is to take care of that task and he recruits that “volunteer” Cal-Neva activities are the product of many members volunteering their time and efforts. Jim has contributed way more than his share and we are grateful. On top of all that, Jim knows a great deal about how to order sushi.

Thank you Kelly, Brian, and Jim — your contributions are truly appreciated!

Dave Lentz